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The battleground is set to DEFEAT THE LEFT’S AGENDA

Nov 252014
Ferguson hoping for peace, bracing for worst

[FoxNews.com] A mix of weary unease, fear and hope has set in on Ferguson, Mo., after a night of rioting followed the announcement that a grand jury had declined to indict a police officer who shot an 18-year-old black man dead in a case that exposed a deep racial divide and left parts of the town in ruins.

Mass rioting and looting, the torching of police cars and arrests of at least 60 people left part of the city looking like “a different world,” in the words of one local pastor. And before the city can begin to recover, residents and merchants must know the rioting is over.

“We’re expecting it to flare up again, especially when it gets dark,” said the Rev. Dusty Thompson, of Ferguson Church of the Nazarene. “There’s definitely some trepidation for tonight, but we are just praying that peace will be pursued and that our community will come together.” –Read More…

Nov 252014
Ferguson riots: shots fired, stores looted, cars and buildings burned

[HumanEvents.com] The vaunted agreement about “rules of engagement” Ferguson’s mayor reached with protesters didn’t amount to much, as the city was promptly sacked after a grand jury declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson on any charges in the death of Michael Brown. Happily, and somewhat miraculously, no one appears to have been killed. Fox News surveys the wreckage:

There were more than 80 arrests made in the St. Louis area overnight as protesters fired more than 100 gunshots, burned and looted as many as 25 buildings and vandalized police cars in Ferguson, Mo. after a grand jury did not indict a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in August, authorities said Tuesday morning.

St. Louis County police released records early Tuesday showing 61 people were arrested in Ferguson on charges including burglary and trespassing. And St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said 21 people were arrested in the city. –Read More…

Nov 242014
NO CHARGES: Grand jury does not indict officer in Ferguson shooting case

[FoxNews.com] A grand jury reached a decision Monday in the case against the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in August, touching off nationwide protests and cries of police brutality.

The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney in St. Louis County, Mo., said the decision would be revealed at 9 p.m. ET, though gave no indication whether Darren Wilson would be charged in the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

As the nation awaited the announcement, authorities quickly stepped up security at the downtown courthouse in the St. Louis County seat of Clayton. Barricades were erected around the building, and more than 20 Missouri state troopers were seen silently assembling with rifles, 3-foot batons, riot shields and other equipment. Some nearby businesses boarded up their windows, just as many shops have already done near the site of Brown’s death in Ferguson. –Read More…

Nov 242014
Obamagration and our disdainful president

[OneNewsNow.com] Barack Obama’s “executive amnesty” clearly displays the contempt he holds for the Americans who take the trouble to vote and for the Constitution – and to no one’s surprise, it shows his priority is to “fundamentally transform” America. But don’t take just my word for it.

The executive order, which President Obama has issued, granting amnesty to millions of individuals now residing illegally in our country, should make clear the profound disregard our president has for American voters, our Constitution, and our two-party system.

It might be possible to justify this action if it was addressing a national emergency of utmost urgency or clearly reflected the priorities and wishes of the American people. But neither is the case. –Read More…

Nov 242014
Ferguson Protesters Threaten to Rape and Kill Wives of Police

[Infowars.com] According to a report posted by the Pundit Press and Fox News, Ferguson protesters are threatening family members of police in the embattled Missouri city.
The incident was witnessed by officials of the Obama Justice Department:

According to the wife of one police officer, protesters have screamed profanity at her husband and specifically threatened to rape and murder her and her family should they ever find out the officer’s name.

She said that protesters have told her husband, “we’re going to go to your house. We’re going to rape your wives then we’re going to kill them and we’re going to kill your children,” all while Department of Justice agents looked on. –Read More…

Nov 212014
New DHS immigration rules: Drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, gun offenders not top deportation priorities

[Washington Examiner] The Department of Homeland Security has just released new “Policies for the Apprehension, Detention, and Removal of Undocumented Immigrants.” Designed to fill in the details after President Obama’s announcement that at least four million currently illegal immigrants will be given work permits, Social Security numbers and protection from deportation, the DHS guidelines are instructions for the nation’s immigration and border security officers as they administer the president’s directive.

The new priorities are striking. On the tough side, the president wants U.S. immigration authorities to go after terrorists, felons, and new illegal border crossers. On the not-so-tough side, the administration views convicted drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, and gun offenders as second-level enforcement priorities. An illegal immigrant could spend up to a year in prison for a violent crime and still not be a top removal priority for the Obama administration. –Read More…

Nov 212014
Ben Carson: Obama Helping Illegals While Appalachia, Cities Rot

[Newsmax.com] President Barack Obama is ignoring the plight of millions of Americans in need with his focus on extending protections to illegal immigrants through executive order, neurosurgeon and potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson told Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum.”

Carson questioned why Obama placed the immigration issue above the “millions and millions of people in this country, in our inner cities, Appalachia, rural areas, who are suffering enormously economically.”

“I don’t think it takes into consideration the welfare of American citizens,” Carson said Friday. “Why don’t we spend some time figuring out what we can do for (Americans suffering economically)? “If we place nearly as much emphasis on them, we might be able to then reach a point where we can administer aid to other people.”

–Read More…

Nov 202014
CMS Propped Up Obamacare Enrollment Total With Dental Plans

[DailyCaller.com] The Obama administration included 400,000 dental plans in its first-year Obamacare enrollment totals without acknowledging that it wasn’t full health insurance, falsely pushing the final number past the administration’s enrollment target.

The actual enrollment total: 6.7 million, not quite meeting the seven million goal provided by the Congressional Budget Office.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services head Marilyn Tavenner announced in September that 7.3 million Americans were still enrolled in health coverage through Obamacare exchanges nationwide. But according to a report from Bloomberg, that data didn’t distinguish between medical and dental insurance plans, which departed from CMS’ usual practice without any acknowledgment. –Read More…

Nov 202014
'Constitutional crisis': Obama not bluffing on amnesty

[WND.com] Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, says the unconstitutional granting of amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants is one promise President Obama actually intends to keep, and he says the Republican Congress must be ready to do what it takes to stop it from happening.

The day after major Republican wins in the midterm elections, Obama reiterated his vow to act alone on immigration policy. On Wednesday, he told the nation he would announce a major immigration executive action in a prime-time speech Thursday at 8 p.m. EST. While not detailing what his executive orders would entail, reports have indicated that the centerpiece of Obama’s initiative would grant legal status and issue work permits to the parents of U.S. citizens and children already legalized in some way. Estimates suggest that would legalize anywhere from 4.5 to 6 million illegal immigrants.

While immigration has been a divisive issue among Republicans over the past couple of years, King said GOP lawmakers are virtually unanimous in fighting what they see as an unconstitutional power grab. He’s less certain Republicans are willing to to whatever it takes to win the fight. –Read More…

Nov 192014
Report: Obama to Announce Immigration Order

[Newsmax.com] With reports indicating that President Barack Obama could issue his executive order on immigration on Friday, Republicans have been lining up a response strategy while activists are managing their expectations.

CNBC, citing sources, said Obama would lay out his immigration plan during the visit. He also could give an outline of the order on Thursday and add details in Las Vegas on Friday, the network said.

Under the executive action plan, Obama would ease immigration rules on millions of undocumented immigrants, a source familiar with White House deliberations, has told Reuters. –Read More…

Nov 192014
Obamacare is About to Bankrupt a Whole Bunch of Small Businesses

[Townhall.com] The crushing costs of compliance with the regulatory burdens of Obamacare have already been well documented, especially as they pertain to small businesses. But as small businesses prepare their corporate tax returns next year, many accountants are warning that, based on Department of Labor guidelines issued after the election, countless small businesses are about to be hit with a huge tax penalty that they simply cannot afford.

The issue here is somewhat complex, and is exactly the sort of issue that most small business owners trust to professionals to handle for them. When these businesses were notified that the health plans they offered their employees were not compliant with Obamacare, many of them sought to avoid dumping their employees on the exchanges. At the time, insurance vendors, based on a colorable reading of the law, encouraged many small businesses to work with them to either provide so-called section 105 plans where the employer would reimburse a broker for the cost of coverage bought by the employees, or to encourage their employees to buy their health insurance directly from brokers and to reimburse them for the purchase of this healthcare coverage.

All year long, the Department of Labor allowed this practice to continue, only to declare at the 11th hour that this arrangement would be treated as noncompliant with Obamacare and thus subject employers to a penalty. The reasons for this decision are obvious and disgustingly political: the Obama administration wants to boast of larger numbers of people enrolled in the exchanges for political reasons: –Read More…

Nov 182014
Scope of Obama's Exec. Amnesty Order Would Be Unprecedented

[Newsmax.com] As early as next week, President Barack Obama is expected to issue an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, a use of power that would be unprecedented in U.S. history.

According to The Washington Post, presidents for the last 40 years have had broad authority over how the country deals with illegal immigration.

But Obama’s intent to bypass Congress and make new laws could be an outright violation of his constitutional oath to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” the Post said.

“Can a President who wants tax cuts that a recalcitrant Congress will not enact decline to enforce the income tax laws? Can a President effectively repeal the environmental laws by refusing to sue polluters, or workplace and labor laws by refusing to fine violators?” wrote University of St. Thomas law professor Robert Delahunty and University of California at Berkeley law professor John Yoo in the Texas Law Review. –Read More…

Nov 182014
Palestinian terrorists attack Jerusalem synagogue, killing four

[HumanEvents.com] The Palestinians have been up in arms lately over the stubborn insistence of Jews to live and worship in Jerusalem. The situation just escalated from random vehicular homicide to a horrifying terrorist attack on a synagogue that killed four people, three of them American citizens. The Obama Administration did its level best to ignore the previous Palestinian murder of an American, but there’s no way they can sweep this one under the rug, no matter how much they want to pump the Palestinians’ thug “unity government” up into a statesmanlike gaggle of “partners in peace.”

The Washington Post reports on the carnage, and does not skimp on the awful details:

Two Palestinian attackers armed with knives, axes and a gun stormed a synagogue in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood on Tuesday, killing three Americans — including a prominent rabbi — and a British worshipper in one of the deadliest attacks in years in Jerusalem. –Read More…

Nov 172014
FCC official warns Obama-backed net neutrality plan would bring 'immediate' Internet tax

[FoxNews.com] Internet users would be forced to pay a new federal tax on their monthly bills if the government approves regulations recently endorsed by President Obama, a member of the Federal Communications Commission predicts.

Commissioner Mike O’Reilly addressed what’s known as “net neutrality” at a Washington seminar on Friday. He spoke after Obama backed stricter rules by calling for preventing service providers from charging more for speedier service and for regulating them like telecommunications companies under a decades-old law.

That law requires telecommunications companies to pay into the FCC’s “Universal Service Fund” — and would likely require the same of Internet companies. But O’Reilly says history clearly shows that the fees would quickly be “passed off” to customers, just like they are now on monthly phone bills. –Read More…

Nov 172014
Sixth Gruber Video Reveals Lies Told to Sell Obamacare's 'Mislabeled' Tax Breaks

[Breitbart.com] A sixth video of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber surfaced, where he explains how Democrats lied to sell Obamacare to the “stupid voters,” this time noting how taxes were purposefully “mislabeled” to get the bill passed.

The newest video shows Gruber talking about the lies shoring up Obamacare and features his explanation of how taxes for employer-based healthcare insurance policies were purposefully mislabeled. He also noted that the writers of the bill took pains to hide from voters whom these taxes would hit.

Gruber was addressing the “Cadillac tax,” sold as a tax only on “the rich” because it was a tax on expensive insurance plans that only eight percent of Americans currently have. The tax on these expensive plans was to be at 40 percent — this with the expectation that such high-dollar plans might eventually be canceled.

–Read More…

Nov 162014
Father Asks Obama to Use Executive Order to Bring Son Slain by Illegal Alien Back to Life

[Breitbart.com] A grieving father is asking President Barack Obama to bring his son, who was killed by an illegal alien, back to life with an executive order on immigration.

“While your Executive Order pad is out, can you write one to bring my son and the tens of thousands (actually over 100,000) killed by illegal aliens back to life and to bring our destroyed families back together?” asks Don Rosenberg in a letter to Obama. His son Drew was killed by an illegal alien who ran over him in 2010.

In the letter, Rosenberg notes that President Obama’s administration refused to deport the illegal alien who killed his son.

–Read More…

Nov 142014
AP sources: Millions to get deportation protection

[Townhall.com] WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is considering a plan that would shield possibly around 5 million immigrants living in the country illegally from deportation as part of a broad set of executive actions that President Barack Obama could announce as early as next week, people familiar with the discussions say.

Obama has pledged to move on the measures by year’s end, and White House officials are debating whether to act soon after he returns this weekend from his current trip to Asia and Australia or wait until after Congress approves a major spending bill in December.

A senior Obama administration official said it’s possible Obama’s immigration announcement could come next week, but the official said the president hadn’t made a decision yet either about timing or content of the decision. –Read More…

Nov 132014
CNN: Hey, who’s up for a fourth Gruber video?

[HotAir.com] If so, you may have to wait for a while, because Jake Tapper’s post features a clip from his show yesterday instead (at the time of writing this post), interviewing new Energy chair James Inhofe. Instead, Tapper reports on the emerging video and describes it as not quite providing the smoking-gun moments of the first three. However, Jonathan Gruber’s chat in this case took place ten days before the bill passed in March 2010 and again described ObamaCare as a way to fool the public that government was doing something about cost control, when in fact Gruber admitted that he had no idea whether the bill would control costs at all:

In this fourth video, Gruber’s language is not as stark as in three previous instances, but his suggestion that Obamacare proponents engaged in less-than-honest salesmanship remains.

–Read More…

Nov 132014
Source: Obama to announce 10-point immigration plan via exec action as early as next week

[FoxNews.com] EXCLUSIVE: President Obama is planning to unveil a 10-part plan for overhauling U.S. immigration policy via executive action — including suspending deportations for millions — as early as next Friday, a source close to the White House told Fox News.

The president’s plans were contained in a draft proposal from a U.S. government agency. The source said the plan could be announced as early as Nov. 21, though the date might slip a few days pending final White House approval.

Obama was briefed at the White House by Homeland Security officials before leaving on his Asia-Pacific trip last week, Fox News has learned.

–Read More…

Nov 132014
Glenn Beck Reveals 5-Year Health Battle That Made Him Feel 'Crazy'

[People Magazine] Glenn Beck has revealed a shocking secret he has kept for five years: He’s battling several serious medical conditions that have wreaked havoc on his brain functioning.The conservative pundit came clean about his health problems on his network, TheBlaze TV, on Monday night, explaining why he was slowly slipping away from the spotlight – and how he has miraculously recovered.

“I was told by doctors just this last spring … that I could no longer work the way I had been working because it was literally killing me,” he said, tearing up.

About five years ago, Beck, now 50, began “to have a string of health issues that quite honestly made me look crazy,” he said. “And quite honestly, I have felt crazy because of them.” –Read More…

Nov 122014
[Showing off?] China takes new stealth jet for test flight during Obama visit

[FoxNews.com] China’s military upstaged the Asian economic summit in Beijing this week by conducting test flights of a new stealth jet prototype, as the White House called on Beijing to halt its cyber attacks.

Demonstration flights by the new J-31 fighter jet — China’s second new radar-evading warplane — were a key feature at a major arms show in Zhuhai, located near Macau, on Monday.

The J-31 flights coincided with President Obama’s visit to Beijing for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting. In a speech and meetings with Chinese leaders, Obama called on China to curtail cyber theft of trade secrets. –Read More…

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